Tears of Providence

Master thief, Vernon Hook is in a spot of trouble. A botched job, a dead guard and a near death experience leaves him wounded, confused and more seriously, imprisoned. The future looks bleak and probably short, as short as the drop the hangman is busy arranging for him, until the Lord Protector makes him an offer that he can't refuse.

In the fortress city of Silverforge, high up in the Knucklebone mountains and far above the plains and forests of Dharvos, Lord Moneo senses a change in the wind. The city has survived plague, invasion and revolution, but now a dark hand moves against it in the east. Rumours abound of bandit attacks and strange happenings on the plains. Pirates ravage the northern seas and in the east the former empire raises its head, its mind set on conquest.

Yet, far away, unseen by all, an ancient evil awakens.

Tears of Providence is a comic fantasy. Enter a world of contrasts, of technological marvels and medieval castles, of religions and reformists, of languages and peoples and of heroes and villains. Explore what it means to be human through the eyes of intricately carved characters and of the frightening possibilities that lie behind technological progress.